Ever since I first heard the bagpipes, I knew I wanted to learn how to play. There is nothing like the sound of a pipe band with a drum core to get the heart racing.  It is also the sound of a lone piper that stirs the heart and allows emotions to rise.  I began my piping career in New Jersey  from Master Piper; Pipe Major George M. Bell.  A Scottish immigrant who was a world renowned piper and an excellent tutor.  I tutored with him for 8 years.  He taught me the pipes from the beginning and since then I have never looked back. 


With years of experience under my belt, you won't find a more qualified, dignified or professional piper.  I can play a variety of tunes for all occasions and if need be learn a particular tune for a special event.  I always come in full dress (kilt) and am ready to play at a moment’s notice. 

Bagpipers are called upon to add tradition and ceremony on many occasions and events, both joyous and solemn.

The sight and sound of a kilted Scottish piper is immediately recognizable and iconic. I have been playing for over 22 years and have performed at dozens of events including, weddings, anniversaries, golf events, pubs, restaurants, funerals, birthdays, celebration of life events, charity events, corporate events, private parties, and parades.

As a piper with many years of experience I come with professionalism and very long tune list. These tunes include, marches, jigs, dances and slow airs. I also play a style of classical music called Piobaireachd which I can perform upon request.


My rates vary due to the distance to and from an event so please contact me for rates and availability.

Rates; $150 - $350 dependent upon;

Length of piping time

Distance to and from an event

Special requests

Ask about lessons!!  Become a PIPER!


Please contact me for a quote (908) 872-1489 or email: GordonHighlandPiper@gmail.com