St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City
Tartan's Day parade in New York City
The Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island in NY Harbor
Jersey City, NJ
Member/piper for the Caledonian Society of Sarasota
Member/ piper for the New World Celts Society; Sarasota Chapter
Piper for the New World Celts; St. Petersburg Chapter
Anna Maria Island, Veterans Day/ Memorial Day events
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
St. Petersburg Rowdies
Sarasota National Cemetery
Bay Pines National Cemetery (St. Petersburg)
Weddings; NY, NJ, FL, CT, GA
Funerals; NY, NJ, FL
Attended the Bell School of Piping, Parlin, NJ, for 9 years
Tuition with PM 
George Bell
Multiple celebrations of life, parties and special events.